Elisabeth Hartley

I was born and raised in Rockingham Western Australia.  As I grew up I attended Cooloongup Primary School and Living Waters Luthern College. I graduated year 12 at Canning College and started university the following year.

At the age of eight I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Because of this diagnosis, I have had a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge since a young age. I have a passion for children with special needs and intend to seek more training in this area of teaching. I wish to help all children with Specific Learning Disabilities achieve their full potential and develop the same love for learning as I have. 

Furthermore, I am a Christian and have a deep respect for people of all Faiths and nationalities. I was involved in my faith’s youth program for four years, which involves youth aged twelve to eighteen. These youths come from a range of backgrounds. More recently I have been involved in the role of Self Reliance Specialist with my church. This role involves assisting adults in becoming self reliant. The church has set curriculum to support adults in on one of four topics: employment, education, personal finances, or starting and growing a small business. While volunteering within this role I oragnise the groups, provides the curriculum as set by the church, and appoint a group facilitators.

As part of my church responsibilities in the youth program, I worked primarily with children from New Zealand and the Cook Islands. I had the opportunity to learn more about their culture and even learn some Islander dancing. I have always been interested in people from different countries and cultures. I have travelled parts of Europe and seen a large part of Australia. I am sensitive to the cultural requirements of many cultures, especially those of Australian Aboriginality and Torres Strait Islanders. I intend to become sensitive to every cultures needs and travel more to understand their cultural backgrounds.

I am a keen thespian with a burning desire for the theatre. I studied with Helen O’Gradie School of Drama from seven until I graduated at fifteen years of age. After that time, I studied drama as part of my formal education and most recently as part of my teaching qualification. I love singing and believe it is important to sing in the classroom. I have sung in choirs since my earliest memories and have conducted congregational singing and directed junior choirs (ages 3-11 and ages 12-18) in a church setting.

I am an enthusiastic sports woman. I enjoy field hockey and fencing. At Woodbridge Fencing Club I have assisted in training the new students under the age of twelve. In the past, I have learnt ballroom dancing and completed medals with honours. Also, I was in my younger years a keen equestrienne rider and soccer player.

I chose to become a teacher, so I could help all students, including those who struggle and fly, feel they are gaining benefit from education. I aim to assist all undiagnosed learning disability students that come across my path receive help and be diagnosed, so they can receive educational assistance and be taught in a way best for their disability. I believe all children can be taught to their full potential when a teacher knows how that child learns. I want to be that multi-sensory motivated teacher. Finally, I want to inspire children to enjoy learning and strive to reach their full potential.


Course Name K39 Bachelor of Education (Kindergarten through Primary)
University Edith Cowan University
Date Completed October 2013

Other Studies:

Course Name L80 Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education (Design and Technology)
University Edith Cowan University
Date Completed Incomplete

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